We offer two forms of the potato vine. Both require a sunny south or west facing wall or fence and are, once established rapid growers, quickly covering an expanse of wall given the required support as neither are self clinging. Some winter protection to the bottom metre or so of the plant will help protect against the worst cold. These Solanum are quick growing and long flowering.

The showy flowers of most Solanum flowers have both nectar and pollen, the latter being liberated from the anthers (arranged in the form of  cone) by the buzzing of an attending insect. Bumblebees, honeybees and hoverflies are among the regular pollinator species. Despite the presence of toxins in most species, the leaves are eaten by a range of caterpillars, most famously (if you are very lucky!) out largest moth, the death's-head hawk-moth. Similarly there are a few other specialized inescts that can cope with the toxins, such as the cinnamon bug. The berry-like fruits are variously toxic or edible, although even the most poisonous have presumably evolved with seed dispersal in mind!

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