A supreme group of plants grown for the delicious scent, often produced in winter, through into spring. The flowers are attractive, 4-lobed, tubular, pink, white, yellow and an almost blue from D. genkwa. Foliage is simple, evergreen or deciduous. Shrubs to a medium size, down to prostrate forms suitable for a rock garden. A couple of species prefer a shady position, D. laureola and D. pontica, otherwise full sun to some part shade. They will need a good soil, which doesn't dry out for long periods, nor gets waterlogged! Part of the same family, Thymelaceae, which also includes the equally beautiful Edgeworthia.

The richly scented flowers of all species of Daphne including our two native ones are important sources of nectar for pollinators especially bees; those that flower in early spring are particularly important given the scarcity of nectar sources at this time of year. The brightly coloured berries, once ripe, are eaten by birds such as blackbirds and evergreen species provide shelter for all manner of invertebrates and other wildlife.

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