The saltbush, tree purslane, are grown with us for their often silvery foliage and toughness. Suitable for a drought or coastal garden. Flowers normally rather inconspicuous. Although around a 100 or so species are widely distributed, we grow a couple of shrubs at Beth's, for their foliage and as a contrast to Cistus and other darker shrubs.  Prune by as much as a third, in spring, (especially A. halimus) and maybe again in late summer. Use secateurs, rather than shears, to create a more airy look.

The leaves of A. halimus and indeed all annual atriplex species are highly palatable both to us and to a wide range of insects including beetles, leaf-mining flies and moth caterpillars. This species is sometimes established in the wild by the coast but is showing few signs of any worrying spread.

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