Either around our ponds, or alongside streams, the  skunk cabbages provide drama and scale similar in effect to the large border gunneras. There are two species, L. americanus, from North America, L. camschatcensis, from Eastern Russia and Japan, plus a hybrid between the two, L. x hortensis. They are herbaceous and need  boggy soil to show them off to their full effect. The white, yellow or cream flower spathes, appear in mid spring before any foliage. A ribbon-like planting of these in quite a sight, but a large garden would be required! Leaves emerge, somewhat like a giant spinach, to 1m+. 

We are no longer selling Lysichiton americanus, yellow skunk cabbage, or L. x hortensis as they fall under The Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Permitting) Order 2019. We will also take measures to control them in our garden.

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