Floriferous, rounded shrubs, with evergreen, highly aromatic and often elegantly palmately divided foliage. Native to Mexico and south west US, so very suitable for an sunny, hot spot in the garden, or even some light shade, on a well drained soil. Plenty of cultivated forms available, with different coloured foliage, highly refined leaves, more compact forms etc We have White Dazzler growing in our Gravel Garden. In the Rutaceae family, which often has highly aromatic foliage or fruits, like Citrus, Skimmia, Zanthoxylum

Showy white flowers produce abundant nectar which is attractive to pollinators especially honeybees. However, as with most species in its family it contains strongly scented chemicals designed to reduce herbivory. Those chemicals may taint honey made by visiting bees although it is worth noting that some are believed to have medicinal properties.

Available for you to order and plant now Ready now
Available for you to order and plant now Ready now

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