Annuals or perennials, with lobed leaves, aster-like flowers, of typically blue, but also white and pink. These tend to be open in the morning and then close as the day progresses. Give them a sunny spot in the border and they will reward with a long flowering period. Cichorium, chicory, gives us C. endiva, endive and C. intybus, chicory, of which the roots can be used as a coffee substitute.

As with all members of the daisy family, the chicory flowerhead consists of numerous tiny flowers, at least the central ones of which produce nectar and pollen that are attractive to insects, especially solitary bees and hoverflies. The one we supply however, being a semi-doubled form, lack some of the resources, 'opting' for show instead. Having said that the leaves are still palatable to a good number of herbivorous insects.

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