beth chatto sym
The Beth Chatto Symposium 2024
Beneath The Surface

How do we interpret the vital signs of the world around us, such that we can respond appropriately to the critical challenges the future poses?

How much do we really know about the life forces that surround us – those in the soil, air and water, and importantly those in, on and between the plants that we surround ourselves with?

The Beth Chatto Symposium 2024 will delve deep into hidden realms to explore many of the lesser-known factors that affect the way we garden. This exploration will investigate the ways in which we can perceive and understand the processes in which we are intimately entangled and how we can engage with them in ways that are beneficial to all the parties involved.

Three strands:

Perceiving – revealing research into hidden realms and new worlds.

Thinking – big ideas about our relationships with the natural world and how we define and express them (through language and forms of representation)

Doing – putting new ideas in practice, skills, design and activism.