The Beth Chatto Symposium 2018

On 30th-31st August 2018, Beth Chatto Education Trust hosted a special gathering of gardeners, designers and plantspeople in honour of Beth Chatto.

Hear from speakers from around the world who are re-imagining ecological gardening in both design and practice, and working to further advance and expand our plant palette.

James Hitchmough- Putting Ecological Planting in Context: Why, Where and How?
Keith Wiley- Pursuing the Aesthetics of Wild Planting
Olivier Filippi- Mediterranean Landscapes as Inspiration for Planting Design
Cassian Schmidt- Stylized Dynamic Plantings
Peter Janke- Designed Nature Contemporary Garden Design for the Eco Conscious
Dan Pearson- Emulating Nature in the Public Arena
Midori Shintani- The Naturalistic Garden in Japan
Andi Pettis- Care and Collaboration Seeking Nature on the High Line
James Hitchmough- Creating Ecological Planting in Public Landscapes by Sowing
Peter Korn- Designing for Plants
Art and Science in the 'Wild' Garden
Building Blocks of the Ecological Garden
Expanding our Plant Pallete
Immersion and Ecological Garden Architecture

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