Symposium 2022

The Beth Chatto Symposium 2022 'Rewilding the mind'

Introduction by Dan Pearson
Rewilding - busting the myths and making it happen by Prof. Alastair Driver
Taking rewilding to different audiences Panel
Living in Harmony with Nature: The Secret of Creating 21st Century Garden Cities by Dr. Wei Yang
Planting and context by Tom Stuart-Smith
Rewilding and Well-being Panel
The opportunities and challenges of greening the city in times of climate and environmental crisis by Ton Muller & Giacomo Guzzon
The Garden Jungle Gardening for insects by Prof. Dave Goulson
Reframing the Wild Garden: New Perspectives on Garden Making by Sarah Price
Sonic Rewilding Sound Designing a Wild World by Dr. Mike Edwards
Planting for wild gardening panel
Learning from brownfields. Bringing chaos and complexity back into new landscapes by John Little
Forests for our cities - Taking our lead from nature when designing urban forests by Errol Fernandes and Henrik Sjoman
The Biodiversity Audit at Great Dixter by Fergus Garret
Ecologically focused innovative techniques Panel