Garden & Nursery Opening Times

March to October - Admission 6.95

Daily 9am to 5pm (Sun 10am to 5pm)

November to Feb - Admission 4

Daily 9am to 4pm (Sun 10am to 4pm)

Discover The Beth Chatto Gardens

Discover the Beth Chatto gardens

The Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960. From an overgrown wasteland with poor gravel soil and boggy hollows, it has been transformed into an informal garden harmonising with the surrounding countryside. The gardens are an inspiration to anyone who visits them - the art of planting at its best.

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October Newsletter

Wednesday, 08th October 2014

The Gravel Garden: The leaves of the Rhus typhina outside the Tea Room turn brilliant orange-red before

dropping, leaving the velvety, crimson seed-heads exposed on bare branches......

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