There can be no doubt that the way we have historically managed urban and public space land is unsustainable and requires fundamental change. And that change needs to happen now.

This fundamental change is simple, and can be rewarding in a variety of ways.

Together we will learn that this change is possible, via knowledge sharing with the use of expert case studies and examples.

This change could take effect at pace, by working collaboratively with others.

We feel the time is now to bring individuals together amid the ecological crisis we are all facing and as the pressures and demands of the Anthropocene gain pace in damaging the natural world.

The Ambitions of the Beth Chatto Symposium 2022 are:

To open up the conversation around rewilding and nature-led horticulture and what this can mean.

To consider the human relationship with the environment and how traditional horticulture interfaces with the goals of rewilding and the many opportunities this can create.

To consider how nature is encouraged, understood and cared for.


To generate a greater ‘common’ understanding of the benefits of ecological and sustainable use of plants and inspired design practice.

It is our mission...
To explore perception and opinion on planting schemes
To practice sustainable planting always - low water use / low maintenance
To engage and encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration to maximise benefits for the environment without incurring additional costs
To enhance humans’ relationship with the environment, enhance health and well-being for society as a whole
To focus on habitat creation, planting for Nature, attracting wildlife
To re-imagine and share Beth’s ecological planting ethos / vision
All proceeds generated from Rewilding the Mind, will go towards furthering the work of Beth Chatto Education Trust.
Julia Boulton, Chairman Beth Chatto Education Trust & Beth Chatto's Granddaughter
Registered charity: England and Wales No.1162486