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September Newsletter

2nd September 2013 IN Our Blog
September Newsletter
 We are delighted to have been nominated as one of Britain’s Favourite gardens for the BBC’s Countryfile programme. If you enjoy visiting the gardens please don’t hesitate to show your appreciation by logging on to the Countryfile website and registering a vote for us.



The Gravel Garden

Drifts of Verbena bonariensis, scarlet trumpets of Zauscheneria californica, clumps of  sedumsand the white and pink flowers of Gaura lindheimeri add splashes of colour amongst straw coloured grasses, green carpets of Thyme and silvery Lamb’s Ear. The bead-like fruits of Callicarpa  - a favourite with the blackbirds - turn a dark, almost metallic, violet colour .


The Water Garden.

Tall, dusky-pink Eupatorium and enormous Gunnera leaves screen the ponds from view, as visitors enter the Water Gardens. Miscanthus, Molinia and Pennisetum are among the grasses that now erupt into flower.

Asters, Japanese anemones and rudbeckias add late colour to the borders.


The Woodland Garden

From September to early October, drifts of colchicums, with their crocus-like, goblet-shaped flowers in shades of white, rosy-mauve and purple, can be found throughout the gardens. In spring they produce large, glossy green leaves which later turn yellow and need removing. They are also known as Naked Ladies, because of their appearance in autumn without their leaves. C. parnassicum, with small, narrow, pale lilac flowers,  is the first one to appear in the Woodland Garden. C. ‘Rosy Dawn’, with large rosy-mauve, scented flowers is an old favorite and so is C. speciosum ‘Album’, with its huge goblets of pure white flowers. C. speciosum ‘Atrorubens’ is easily identifiable, with its dark, purple-stained stems and wine-purple flowers.

Other plants of interest in the Woodland Garden and along the Long Shady Walk (near the Water Garden) are the Japanese anemones, Hydrangea, Tricyrtis (Toad lily), yellow Kirengeshoma and   Liriope muscari.


The Scree Garden

Pots of succulents are still on display. Grown against the wall is Vitis coignetiae, a vigorous vine with large rounded leaves.



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