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Aster name changes

5th June 2015 IN Our Blog

Aster umbellatus changed to Doellingeria umbellata


Aster divaricatus changed to Eurybia divaricata


Aster X macrophyllus 'Twilight' changed to Eurybia x herveryi


The following Asters have all been reclassified as Symphyotrichum but retained the rest of their names and can be found by clicking here.


  • Aster ericoides 'Esther'

  • Aster ericoides f. prostratus 'Snow Flurry'

  • Aster novae-angliae

  • Aster novae-angliae 'Andenken an Alma Potschke'

  • Aster novi-belgii

  • Aster novi-belgii 'Heinz Richard'

  • Aster novi-belgii 'Kristina'

  • Aster novi-belgii 'Purple Dome'

  • Aster pilosus var. pringlei

  • Aster pilosus var. pringlei 'Monte Cassino'


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