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4th April 2013 IN Our Blog
April Newsletter


Let’s hope that April will bring us a change in the weather. The coldest March in half a century kept the snowdrop display going for much longer than usual, but at the expense of other plants which should be in full bloom by now.

 The following plants should be in flower during April, but perhaps a little later than usual...


The Gravel Garden

The lime-green flower heads of Euphorbia  wulfenii illuminate the borders in the Gravel Garden and provide the perfect backdrop for early spring bulbs, Bergenia flowers, blue Anemone blanda, perennial wallflowers, scarlet Anemone x fulgens and the jewel-like flowers of Anemone pavonina  (in many shades of creamy white, salmon- pink and cherry red).


The Water Garden

Some of the earliest flowers to appear near the water’s edge are the bright yellow spathes of Lysichiton americanus (Skunk Cabbage). It’s a superb bog-plant, later producing large rosettes of bold, glossy leaves. Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-mo-mai’, a slow growing ornamental Cherry with distinctive zig-zag shoots, is covered inpale pink, almost white blossom, and for a few days each year the Great White Cherry (Prunus ‘Taihaku’) is transformed into a breathtaking beauty of white blossom. On the slope up to the Reservoir Garden, Camellia x williamsii ‘Donation’ is in full bloom for many weeks, covered in semi-double pink flowers.


The Reservoir Garden

The orange or yellow, nodding bells of Fritillaria imperialis and the dark, almost black Fritillaria persica. might catch your eye.


The Woodland Garden (and the Long Shady Walk)

Keep an eye out for the maroon or white flowers of the Trillium. As the name suggests the parts of the plant are all in threes. Trilliums need a deep, rich loamy soil and are very slow to increase. Another woodland gem is the Erythronium, sometimes mistaken for a small lily, with its shiny, often mottled leaves and cream, yellow or  pink flowers with recurved petals.


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