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The Gravel Garden: The leaves of the Rhus typhina outside the Tea Room turn brilliant orange-red before

dropping, leaving the velvety, crimson seed-heads exposed on bare branches.

The bead-like fruits of Callicarpa - a favourite with the Blackbirds - turn a dark, almost metallic, violet colour.

Mauve Verbena bonariensis, and the delicate white flowers of Gaura lindheimeri add splashes of colour among

the differing textures of straw-coloured grasses, glossy Bergenia leaves and carpets of green thyme and silvery

Lamb’s Ear.


October is a glorious month in the Water Garden: Grasses erupt into flower and add texture and movement

among late flowering perennials and seed-heads. Next to the house, the Pseudolarix amabilis (Golden Larch)

turns golden yellow as the days shorten and the temperature drops. Across the pond, the Taxodium distichum

(Swamp Cypress) with its curious looking ‘knobbly knees’, turns a rich reddish brown, whilst a bit further away

the fan-shaped leaves of Ginkgo biloba turn bright yellow.

The Reservoir Garden: Among the trees and shrubs, Crataegus x prunifolia, with its bright red fruits, and

Sorbus hupehensis var. obtusa, laden with pink berries, might catch your eye. In autumn, the pink fruits of the

Euonymus (Spindle tree) split open to reveal bright orange coated seeds.


Gardening with Grasses

Wednesday 15 October

Grasses are used to great effect throughout The Beth Chatto Gardens; in early summer the long, silky awns of Stipa barbata make a lovely feature in the Gravel Garden. In autumn Molinia and Miscanthus erupt into flower in the Water Garden, adding texture and movement among late flowering perennials. Join Garden & Nursery Director David Ward for an informative day, as he shares his wealth of plant knowledge and his many years of experience on how to select, grow and use grasses. £49, £39 for Goldcard holders, includes tuition and garden entrance for the day For further events, details and booking information Please contact The Beth Chatto Gardens

Tel: 01206 822007

Email: friends@bethchatto.co.uk

Website: www.bethchatto.co.uk


Great Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Join us for the Great Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

in the grounds of the Gardens!

Every day from 25th October until 2nd November.

Accompanied under 14s free


Late Night Christmas Shopping

Are you looking for some unusual Christmas gifts

and stocking fillers? We’ve got a great selection of

gifts for garden lovers of all ages.

Our Nursery Shop and Tea Room will be open until

8pm every Wednesday, starting 19th November



Plants of Current Interest

Look out for the numbered labels


Gravel Garden

1. Gaura lindheimeri

Produces masses of delicate white, star-shaped flowers from July to October, if dead headed regularly. G. ‘Siskiyou Pink’ is a good pink flowered form. G. ‘Corries Gold’ has gold margined leaves and white flowers, fading to pink.


2. Callicarpa bodinieri var.

giraldii ‘Profusion’

A bushy deciduous shrub that produces dense clusters of striking deep violet bead-like fruits in autumn. Inconspicuous, lilac flowers in summer. Suitable for a fertile, welldrained soil in dappled shade.


Water Garden

 3. Aconitum carmichaelii


A choice Monkshood with sturdy stems topped with rich blue flowers. Great as a vertical in the autumn border among AsterPhlox, and Rudbeckia.


4. Molinia caerulea subsp.

arundinacea ‘Transparent’

A beautiful, delicate grass, especially when back-lit by the sun. Carries graceful panicles above neat clumps of ribbonshaped leaves. Grow in moist, but well-drained soil, in full sun or part shade. Height 1.8m.


Reservoir Garden

 5. Miscanthus sinensis


A stunning grass, with silky, mahogany-red feathery plumes, fading as the season progresses. Height 2m.


6. Calamagrostis brachytricha

A clump forming grass with lovely, feathery plumes. Flower heads start out silvery pink, fading to buff.


Scree Garden

7. Vitis cognetiae

The large heart-shaped leaves of this stunning vine, grown against the wall in the Scree Garden, turn bright crimson and scarlet in autumn.


Rainfall chart 2014

inches mm


January 6.02 153.00

February 6.72 171.00

March 1.12 28.00

April 0.86 22.00

May 1.23 31.00

June 0.63 16.00

July 0.62 16.00

Aug (3 weeks) 1.80 46.00

September 1.75 44.00

Rainfall 2013 19.11 485.00

Rainfall 2012 31.76 807.00

Rainfall 2011 17.94 456.00

Rainfall 2010 24.45 621.00

October Newsletter


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