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The Water Gardens

Descend onto the cool emerald grass surrounding four large ponds in our water gardens and experience a different climate with lush planting.

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Top 10 plants for Autumn Interest
Top 10 plants for Autumn Interest

Which plants will carry on looking good throughout autumn and into winter? Our Plant Manager, Jake, reveals his favourites.

19th September 2017 IN Guides
Planting successfully in Summer
Planting successfully in Summer

Planting in summer may well be more hard work than at other times of the year, but providing it’s done properly, you should find you’ve set your plants up for life.  Beth and her husband, Andrew, embraced the conditions that were given to them here in Essex and made the decision to work with what they had, rather than trying to fight against it. 

17th August 2017 IN Advice
How to grow herbs and what to do with them
How to grow herbs and what to do with them

We love herbs! Not only do they look pretty in containers and borders, attract bees and butterflies, but they also smell and taste delicious

31st July 2017 IN Guides
Hemerocallis (Day lily)
Hemerocallis (Day lily)

They’re not particularly fashionable I suppose, but if there’s one reliable perennial you should have for your garden it’s got to be the day lily...but it is a travesty to eat them...

13th July 2017 IN Guides